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Calling all Alumni of Northeastern Academy!

We know you have a special spot in your heart for your alma mater.  We believe our school can continue to thrive if we can continue to provide a quality education while offering scholarships that will enable students to continue their education with us.  The Floating Axe Scholarship Fund was established for just this purpose.  To help students who are planning to attend NEA!   Donations can be made online by selecting the donations tab or by sending your gift by mail.  

The Edward D. Herndon Legacy Group has also established a scholarship fund, which is used to support the college aspirations of deserving Northeastern Academy student, support Adventist scholastic achievement, and promote leadership development.

Donations can be made easily online or by mail by visiting The Edward D. Herndon Legacy Group facebook "group" page and clicking on the document or doc link located under the group name on the top of the page.  It is an open group, so all can visit the page, make a donation, and leave their comments or favorite memories of Pastor Herndon for all to read.  

NEA Alumni please register below so we can stay in touch with you.

532 West 215th Street • New York, NY 10034 • 212-569-4800